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What Size UGGs Should I Get?

Are you wondering, ‘What size UGGs should I get?’ The size of UGGs you should get depends on which collection you purchase from. For example, UGG recommends sizing down in the Classic Collection.

The UGG shoe style you buy is not the only factor that affects your sizing. This guide explains how to find the perfect fit for your new favorite pair of the fashion world’s latest trendy shoes.

What Sizes Do UGGs Come In?

UGGs come in sizes for women, men, and kids. The comfortable shoe brand also produces unisex shoes. Learn more about the adult-size UGGs are available below.

UGG’s Women’s Sizing

UGG’s women’s shoes come in US sizes 5 to 14. Half sizes are also available up to 11.5.

Women’s sizes 12, 13, and 14 do not come in half sizes. Certain styles may also restrict sizing to full sizes only.

UGG’s Men’s Sizing

UGG’s men’s shoes come in US sizes 5 to 18. Half sizes are only available for sizes 6.5 to 11.5.

Men’s sizes 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 are not half sizes. Certain styles may also restrict sizing to full sizes only.

What Size UGGs Should I Get?

The size you should get in UGGs depends on the style, how you plan to wear them, and if you are between sizes. In general, UGG recommends buying its footwear to fit snugly.

UGGs are made of natural materials like sheepskin and wool. Over time, these materials will stretch and conform to the natural shape of your foot. If you buy a size that is not snug, your shoes may become too loose after a few wears.

With that in mind, consider getting your UGG shoes a full size down to true to size. The exact size you should get depends on which collection you purchase from (more on this in a moment).

What Size UGGs Should I Get for Women?

It would be best if you got women’s UGGs in your regular size, a half-size down, or a full-size down. It depends on whether you purchase from the Classic Collection or the brand’s fashion boots or inclement weather-friendly lines.

Also, consider how you plan to wear your UGGs. UGGs are designed to be worn without socks. The wool interior has moisture-wicking properties and offers ultimate comfort and coziness.

If you don’t like the thought of wearing UGGs barefoot, you can wear socks. Just account for the extra room to ensure the right fit.

What Size UGGs Should I Get for Men?

It would be best if you got men’s UGGs in your regular size, a half-size down, or a full-size down. If you order a classic pair of UGGs, the size you need depends on whether you plan to wear socks or go barefoot with your boots.

Men who prefer thicker socks may want to go up a half size. That means you should order a pair of classic UGGs that are a half-size down or in your regular shoe size.

Wearing thinner socks or going barefoot means you should order a half-size to a full-size down from your regular size.

Do UGGs Run Big or Small for Adults?

UGGs tend to run large, especially as they conform to the shape of your foot over time. But this is not true of all styles. Some styles should be ordered in your regular shoe size.

Learn more about UGG’s collections and if they run big or small below.

Classic Collection Sizing

UGG’s classic collection includes its best-selling boot styles. The following models are part of this collection:

  • The Classic Tall Boot
  • The Classic Short Boot
  • The Classic Mini Boot
  • The Classic Ultra Mini Boot
  • The Classic Mini Platform Boot

UGG recommends sizing down for the Classic Collection. These boots tend to run big for adults. Plus, they will stretch out a little as you break them in.

Though they are not part of the Classic Collection, you should consider a size down in UGG slippers and moccasins. These shoes also consist of UGG’s signature sheepskin, which will expand with wear.

Fashion Footwear Sizing

If you haven’t shopped from UGG in a while, they may not have expanded their line. Now, you can get your favorite sheepskin shoes in the following styles:

  • Slides and flip-flops
  • Wedges and platforms
  • Sneakers

UGG recommends getting these styles true to size. These styles are also widely available in half sizes to help you find the perfect fit.

Rain and Weather Sizing

If you have ever worn your UGG boots in the rain, you know they are not necessarily suited for all types of weather. UGG has come out with rain and snow-friendly styles to solve this problem.

For example, the UGG Lug is a sneaker/rain boot hybrid made of waterproof and water-resistant materials.

UGG recommends getting their rain and weather styles true to size. Like the brand’s fashion footwear, these boots come in half sizes so that you can find your perfect fit.

How to Measure Your Foot for the Perfect Fit

Still not sure what size UGGs you should get? Measuring your feet can help. Here are the steps needed to do just that:

  1. Draw a long line on a piece of paper and place it on the floor
  2. Stand on the form with your heel and middle toe centered
  3. Add a mark where the line hits the back of your heel
  4. Add a second mark where the line touches the tip of your middle toe
  5. Measure the distance between each mark in inches

Take this measurement and compare it to the men’s and women’s sizing charts on UGG’s website to find your perfect fit.

Find the Right Size UGGs at Feet for Life

So, what size UGGs should I get? You should get UGG boots, moccasins, and slippers in a half-size to a full-size down. They run large, and the sheepskin will expand further with wear.

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