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How to Clean UGGs: A Complete Guide

Did you know that one sheep can produce about eight to ten pounds of wool annually? This wool gets processed into fabrics. And those fabrics make up some of the world’s best clothing products, including UGGs!

UGGs are trending for 2022. Whether you are digging your old UGG slippers or boots out of the back of your closet or buying UGGs for the first time, you may wonder how to clean UGGs.

Most UGG shoes consist of a combination of uber-soft sheepskin and suede. These fabrics give UGGs the comfy, cozy look and feel you know and love. But these materials can also make UGGs very tricky to clean.

Are you searching for tips and tricks to keep our UGGs looking newer for longer? Then you better keep reading because we are breaking down how to clean all stained UGGs.

Ugg Cleaning by Shoe Area

There are dozens of UGG dupes out there. And you can throw these cheap, synthetic boots in the wash when they get dirty. But cleaning is a bit more difficult when you have a high-quality pair of UGGs.

Most UGG shoes are made of a double-faced sheepskin outer. The outer portion usually undergoes a process called tanning, a treatment process that turns animal skin into leather or, in this case, suede.

The inside of UGGs consists of a super soft and fuzzy sheepskin fleece. This part of the boot can be tough to clean because of the hand maneuvering required.

The synthetic rubber sole is the easiest part of a UGG boot to clean. You only need a damp cloth and soapy water to eliminate most stains.

Can You Clean the Outside of UGG Boots?

Yes, you can clean the outside of a UGG boot. Many people believe this is impossible since UGGs feature suede on the exterior. Suede is notoriously easy to stain but difficult to clean because of this material’s high porosity.

However, you can safely remove stains and scuffs outside UGG boots with the right tools and techniques. We will explain more in a moment.

Can You Clean the Inside of UGG Boots?

Yes, you can clean the inside of UGG boots, though it can be challenging. If you own any wool sweaters, you probably know why already. Wool is a delicate fiber that needs very gentle care.

But the good news about wool is its has a natural resistance to stains and odors. That means you will not have to clean the inside of your UGGs as often as the outside.

How to Clean UGGs Outside by Type of Stain

UGGs are ideal for wearing on cold, wet days. Yet, these comfortable shoes are not equipped to deal with snow, rain, and mud. Wearing your UGGs in inclement weather can lead to staining.

Here’s how to clean some of the most common stains from the outside of your UGGs.

How to Clean Water Stains from UGGs

Catching a water stain early is the best way to treat it. When your boots are still wet, use a cloth to dampen the rest of the exterior of your boot. This will prevent creasing and water marks from forming.

Here are two tips: First always use cold water. Hot water can damage the delicate sheepskin fibers of your boots. Secondly, allow your boots to dry with paper towels stuffed inside to encourage them to keep their shape.

But what happens if you accidentally leave a water stain to dry? First, you must soak up any excess moisture that may be hiding in the layers of fabric. Blot the stain with a dry cloth then stuff your shoes with paper towels.

Allow your boots to dry for at least 24 hours or up to a week. If the stain remains after drying, you can pick up a suede cleaner to finish the job.

How to Clean Dirt Stains from UGGs

You may be surprised that dirt and mud stains are easier to clean off UGGs than watermarks! However, allowing the mud or dirt stain to dry would be best.

Once the mud is dry, you can knock and brush the dried dirt or mud from your boots. Again, if the stain lingers, use a suede cleaner to eliminate the remaining marks.

When you have a suede brush cleaning dirt, mud, and scuff marks off your UGGs is easier. Suede brushes have soft yet firm natural bristles to remove all buildup from sheepskin UGGs gently and thoroughly.

How to Clean Grease Stains from UGGs

Grease and oil are some of the most challenging stains, especially when cleaning them off suede. Luckily, using cornstarch or baby powder can help speed up the process.

To start, cover the oil or grease spot with a thick layer of either cornstarch or baby powder. Allow the powder to sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours or 48 hours or longer.

After you let the boots sit for a day or two, brush away the powder. You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a suede brush to remove stubborn particles.

Sometimes, the stain may still linger after this process. If that happens to you, repeat the above steps as often as necessary to eliminate the oil stain.

How to Clean UGGs Inside

UGG designed its shoes to be worn barefoot. As such, the wool fleece can accumulate sweat and foot bacteria over time, leading to matting, dingy color, and unpleasant smells.

Here’s how to clean stains off UGG shoes’ inside and keep your UGGs smelling great.

How to Clean Stains Inside UGGs

You can clean stains on the fleece inside your UGGs with cool, soapy water. Grab a soft, clean towel and dampen it with cold water. Next, apply soap to the cloth directly to the stain.

Use a gentle scrubbing motion to remove the stain. Avoid using harsh scrubbing motions or materials to prevent damaging the wool fibers. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush for the finishing touches.

Next, wipe the stain clean with a damp towel. Make sure to keep rinsing and wiping until all the soap is gone. Finally, allow your boots to air dry thoroughly before wearing them again.

How to Deodorize UGGs

Wool is naturally odor-resistant, but it may still start to smell over time, especially if you often wear your UGGs. You can purchase shoe disinfectants and powders to help with this problem.

You can also make your shoe deodorizer at home. For example, baking soda is a natural and low-cost way to deodorize your shoes. Bleach-free Lysol can also help kill odor-killing bacteria in your shoes.

How to Prevent UGG Stains and Smells

The best way to prevent stains and smells on your UGGs is to avoid them in the first place. Below, we are giving you our top three tips for keeping your UGGs looking and smelling like new for longer.

Use a Sheepskin Protectant

Although UGGs are ideal for rainy weather, suede is not waterproof. But it can be when you spray it with a unique sheepskin or suede protectant. These products protect your shoes from water stains and more.

Invest in a Suede Cleaner and Brush

Ideally, brushing your UGGs after each wear would be best. A soft suede cleaner and brush can help prevent dirt and water buildup. That way, the exterior will look brand new, even when you’ve had your UGGs for years.

Let Uggs Dry Thoroughly Between Wears

Like most people, you wear your UGGs daily in the cooler months. Does that sound like you? Then, allow your shoes to air dry thoroughly between each wear to prevent smell buildup.

Looking for a New Pair of UGGs?

Cleaning UGGs is easy when you follow our tips outlined above. But if you want to keep your cleaning sessions to a minimum, follow our guidelines for preventing UGG stains and smells in the first place.

Now that you know how to clean UGGs, are you searching for a new pair to keep your feet comfy and cozy this holiday season?

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