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Common Problems That May Arise from Wearing the Wrong Footwear

Shoes play an essential role inour overall health. The right shoes help you in maintaining foot health,preventing injuries and keeping the correct posture. Conversely,poorly-designed or ill-fitting shoes can cause various short-term and long-termproblems such as those listed below:

Short-Term Problems

Some common problems arisingfrom wearing the wrong footwear for men include:

  1. a) Corns

It refers to a condition wherehard and dead skin accumulates over a bony body part such as a joint which canbe extremely painful at times. Poorly fitting shoes and prolonged pressure on aparticular area are the main reasons for the occurrence of corns.

  1. b) Nail Problems

Ingrown toenails can beagonizing with the skin beside the nails getting ruptured. Fungal infectionsfrom unhygienic shoes may increase discoloration of nails and make thembrittle.

  1. c) Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused bydermatophyte, a form of fungus that grows on the skin. It is common among men.A person who suffers from athlete’s foot experiences symptoms such as severeitching, inflammation, smelly feet, and skin flaking.

Long-Term Problems

Wrong shoes may cause long-termdamage to your feet and eventually end up harming your overall health. Someexamples of common long-term problems include:

  1. a)      FlatFeet

Flat feet refer to a conditionwhere the arches of the feet have collapsed. In people suffering from thiscondition, the feet tend to press flat on the floor. Even wearing comfortableshoes won’t provide much support to people who have tight or hard calf musclesand Achilles tendon.

  1. b)     BackPain

Back pain can become a severeproblem for people wearing the wrong type of footwear—especially those withheels. Wearing wrong or ill-fitting shoes on a regular basis can seriouslyaffect your posture and lead to a severe backache.

  1. c)      JointPain

Extended overloading of the feetfrom heavy or badly-fitted shoes may cause various problems in the jointsincluding knee pain and arthritis.

Preventive Measures

The use of comfortable and properly fitting shoes can help you prevent a hostof health problems. There are numerous options online and even more in store ifyou intend to purchase comfortable shoes for healthy feet and overall wellness.

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