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How to Waterproof UGGs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know that classic UGGs aren’t waterproof? If you are an avid UGG wearer, you probably have encountered a stain or two that you can’t remove from your shoes.

UGGs are often worn during the cold season but can also be cozy house slippers. It’s frustrating that they aren’t waterproof because winter weather comes with snow, rain, and puddles.

Classic UGGs are not winter boots and should not be treated as such. You can waterproof your UGGs for winter and wetter weather without worry. Keep reading to find out how.

Gather Cleaning Tools and Solutions

There are various ways to waterproof your UGGs, but the simplest way is with a suede water-repellent or waterproofing spray. You’ll also want these tools:

  • Suede brush
  • Seude cleaner and conditioner
  • Clean cotton cloth
  • Cold water
  • Newspaper
  • Sponge

A suede eraser and baking soda are optional things that could make the waterproofing process easier.

If you want to waterproof your UGGs and return the color, consider getting a waterproofing paste instead of a spray. The paste adds some color back to the shoes.

Beeswax is another excellent option for leather and suede shoes. Rub beeswax on the UGGs with a cloth rag and let it dry overnight.

If you have dark-colored UGGs, using coconut oil to waterproof them can benefit you. Not only does coconut oil help prevent water stains, but it will also keep darker UGGs looking their best by adding shine to the color.

Prepare Your UGGs

Once you have everything together, you can start cleaning your UGGs before waterproofing them. If your UGGs are new and came out of the box today, you don’t have to clean them.

If you’ve already worn your UGGs and are just now waterproofing them, prevent staining and further damage, starting with a thorough cleaning.

Some people don’t think waterproofing is worth it after the UGGs are worn. Suppose you plan to wear your shoes for a long time. It’s not too late to waterproof your UGGs.

Lay down your newspaper and brush the boots with your suede brush. This should soften the nap and remove surface debris, scuff marks, and dirt.

If you have stubborn stains or scrapes, use a dull knife to remove them from the boots. Blemishes that won’t scrap away might require a suede or pencil eraser.

Suede brushes might come with a rubber piece for this already.

You can also try using chalk to remove stains from your UGGs. You can find chalk in your local stationery store. Mark the stained area with chalk and leave it overnight.

The chalk should absorb and remove the stains. The next day, brush off any excess chalk with your suede brush.

This technique works best for tough stains like food, oil or grease, and mud.

Deodorize Your UGGs

If your UGGs are new, you can skip this step too. It’s also optional if you don’t feel like deodorizing your UGGs. It’s a good idea to do this if your shoes smell unpleasant.

You have to sprinkle a large tablespoon of baking soda into each shoe, cover the hole with your hand, and start shaking the shoe.

This will remove odor and help keep your UGGs smelling clean and fresh.

Clean Your UGGs

You can start cleaning once you’ve removed the surface blemishes and dirt. Again, if your shoes are new, this is an unnecessary step.

Use your clean cotton cloth soaked with cold water and wipe the UGGs outside. Don’t wet the fabric too much; it should be about 20% wet. Think damp, not dripping with water.

After, take your sponge and put it in cold water. Add a suede cleaner to it and start cleaning.

Evenly work the sponge into the suede all around the shoe. Suede is fragile and easily damaged, so don’t rub too hard with your sponge.

Cover the outer layer to prevent odd watermarks. You can clean away any residue from the cleaner with a wet cloth.

Once you complete this part, stuff the shoes with kitchen paper, boot supports, or newspaper to hold their shape as they dry. Let them dry for at least 24 hours or until moisture has evaporated.

Stuffing is especially important if you have tall boot UGGs, but it can help with all styles of UGGs.

Adding a silica gel pack to the shoes can help with moisture removal. It will speed up the drying process, but it is optional.

Please don’t place your UGGs in direct sunlight or heat because it can misshapen the boots. Sunlight will also cause your shoes to fade faster, losing their beautiful color.

Can I Put My UGGs in the Washer and Dryer?

If you are trying to save time cleaning and drying your UGGs, you might use the washer and dryer. Although this is tempting, you should avoid doing it.

Even at low settings, washing machines and dryers can be unforgiving to your shoes. Don’t risk your investment by cutting corners on cleaning and drying.

Not only can these machines destroy the fabric of your boots, but they can also cause chemical stains. Additionally, the detergent you would use to wash your clothes damages sheepskin, leather, and suede.

Always use sheepskin and suede-specific products to clean your UGGs.

If you want to dry your UGGs quicker without damaging them, use a boot dryer. These are designed to quicken drying on different types of footwear and other garments.

Waterproof Your UGGs

Using a waterproof spray is the quickest and easiest way to waterproof your shoes. Not any waterproofing spray will do. Find a product that is made for suede.

There are waterproofing sprays that include water-repellency components without damaging the texture of the shoes.

You can use a spray-on or a sponge, but a spray-on is the more convenient for most UGG owners.

Take your dry UGGs and put them on top of the newspaper to avoid making a mess. If you put baking soda in the boots from the previous steps, tip them upside down to remove the baking soda.

If there is remaining dirt after the boots have dried, brush it away using your clean suede brush.

Once your books look pristine, spray the outside from top to bottom. When spraying, it would be best if you were about 6 to 8 inches away from the boots. Don’t overspray by soaking the UGGs; they should be damp.

Read the instructions on the waterproof tool you bought if you are confused. Following those instructions is more important than looking at this general guide.

Monitor how your boots look after waterproofing them. You should reapply waterproofing products as needed. If you use a spray-on waterproofer, you should reapply every few months.

UGG has a stain & water repellent spray to protect your boots. Their product is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Once you’ve sprayed your UGGs, allow them to dry for 24 more hours in a well-ventilated area. To ensure that they retain their shape while they dry, stuff the UGGs with newspaper again.

No matter what waterproofing product you use, you must not get your boots wet from outside elements until completely dry.

Does Water Stain Your UGGs?

Water can damage leather and cause the wool of the boot to separate. This can ruin the product’s outer surface and ruin the aesthetic.

Water can stain your UGGs permanently once it dries. Your shoes should be okay from a few splashes or drops of water. If you walk in the rain for about five minutes, water will soak through your boots, causing damage.

Traditional UGGs aren’t snow shoes and should not be worn in wet, snowy, or muddy conditions unless you waterproof them. Jumping in mud or water puddles is not recommended, even if your boots are waterproof.

UGG does make some shoes designed to be waterproof. If you are shopping for UGGs, it’s important to note whether or not your boots can handle the elements without additional waterproofing.

You can also use UGG clean and care kits to spray your boots before heading out into damp weather each time. It would be best to give them time to dry before wearing them.

Even the ones designed to be waterproofed should be taken care of. Keep them dry when you get inside to make them last longer.

Add the Final Touches

After the boots are sufficiently dry, take out the newspaper. Brush your UGGs again with a suede brush to even out the nap. Respray them with a protective spray and conditioner.

Allow them to dry off for a few more minutes before moving or wearing them. Now, your UGGwaterproofroofed and clean. You can take them out during harsh weather without worrying about damage.

UGGs Care Tips

Maintaining your shoes once waterproofed is vital in protecting them in the long run.

Suede is delicate and soft because it’s made from the underside of the animal’s skin. UGG boots made from suede, sheepskin, or suede must be adequately cared for if you expect them to last.

These additional tips will help you take care of your shoes with ease:

  • Always use a soft-bristled brush for cleaning
  • Don’t press on the shoes too hard during cPlease don’tng
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on them (peroxides, chlorine, bleaches, etc.)
  • Let your shoes dry before storing them

Even if you waterproof your shoes, don’t wear them outside in the wetness for extended periods. Avoid cooking with your boots on to avoid stains from wines, oils, sauces, etc.

If you have pets, especially ones that enjoy chewing on things, keep your UGGs away from them.

To avoid strong odors in your UGGs, always wear a clean pair of socks with them. Use the baking soda tip from above if your shoes start to smell again. You can also add a few drops of essential oil or baking soda before you wear them out.

If you don’t want to clean or waterproof your UGGs yourself, you can always bring them to a professional cleaner. Make sure they have the right cleaning products available before going.

How Long Do UGGs Last?

UGGs can last up to four years for the average consumer if you know how to care for them properly. Avoid getting them wet, don’t wear them daily, and use a reconditioning spray every so often.

The UGG brand swears that genuine Australian-made, high-quality boots can last up to twenty-five years. It may depend on the type of shoe you buy from UGG.

It’s expected for UGGs to last at least three years, but they can last longer with proper care. If you wear your Uggs semi-daily and expose them to bad weather, your boots might only last one or two years.

Are UGGs Comfortable?

UGG shoes are known for their cozy wool insulation and sheepskin but lack arch support. If you have flat feet, wearing these shoes can cause your tendons and arches to collapse.

People with high and medium arches might find that UGGs don’t provide enough support, leading to discomfort and misalignment.

Luckily, you can still feel the warmth and comfort of UGGs by adding insoles with firm arch support. Most UGGs will come with soft, flexible outsoles to provide extra cushioning and help to insulate the feet from the cold ground.

If youstandg for long periods, UGGs might not be the best shoes. This will be based on your personal comfort and foot type. Most people find that UGGs are comfortable for lounging around the house.

How to Waterproof UGGs for Winter: The Bottom Line

Knowing how to waterproof UGGs allows you to wear them more often. You won’t have to worry about wetter weather and can stay cozy all UGG season.

UGG is no longer just a boots brand. They make slippers and other styles of shoes for men and women. The Tazz Slipper is one of the most popular UGG styles that you can get for lounging around the home.

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