Traq Qwik Black Out




Looking for a fitness shoe that looks and feels like a dream? Try the new Qwik TRAQ smart shoe by Alegria with a Dream Knit upper. With the lines of a loafer but the durability of a sneaker, the Qwik TRAQ shoe in black is comfortable enough for a walk in the park but supportive and stylish enough to wear at work. And whether you wear it to work out or to work, you’ll be able to track your steps with Alegria’s new embedded Q Chip technology. The Q Chip transmits your every step from the sole of your shoe to the Alegria TRAQ smartphone app. You’ll be able to connect your fitness goals one step at a time and connect with other smart shoe wearers in the TRAQ Community. Join with friends, coworkers, and family to challenge each other to walk together to fitness. You’ll always have a sure footing with the slip-resistant blue outsole and the adjustable hook-and-loop strap.

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37, 38, 39, 40




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