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10 Reasons Why Birkenstock Slippers Are a Must-Have for Your Wardrobe

The classic Birkenstock has been on the market since the 1960s and has long been the most popular slip-on shoe. Even so, many shoe enthusiasts have been reluctant to give Birkenstock slippers a fair chance.

Sure, other brands make slip-on shoes and slide sandals. You can even find Birkenstock copycats that may look much like the original but don’t compare in fit, comfort, and longevity.

Nothing compares to classic Birkenstock slippers. Read on for ten reasons why Birkenstock slippers are a must-have for any wardrobe.

1. Unbeatable Comfort

When picking footwear, you should always consider both form and function. Birkenstocks make great wardrobe staples because they provide unbeatable comfort. 

If you’ve ever seen a broken-in Birkenstock, you know that the cork-based sole takes on the shape of the wearer’s foot. This intentional design choice customizes each person’s pair of Birkenstocks to their specific support needs. Most slip-on sandals have thin, flat footbeds that cause superficial pain (think blisters) and internal problems (think fallen arches). 

Remember that when you first purchase a pair of Birkenstock slippers, you’ll think everyone who ever told you how comfortable they are was pulling your leg. You must break Birkenstocks in and allow them to contour to your feet over time. 

2. Versatile Styling Options

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about Birkenstocks’ look. To become a true wardrobe staple, a pair of shoes needs to work in a variety of ways. Birkenstock slippers provide versatile styling options, which is why you’ll see them so often on social media and in fashion-forward cities.

Any type of Birkenstock, from the Arizona slides to the Boston clogs, will look great when incorporated into a casual chic look. Think relaxed-fit mom jeans with linen tees, oversized tops with leggings, or boxer-style shorts with crop tops. You can even wear thick, patterned socks for a boho look perfect for fall and winter.

You can dress Birkenstocks up by pairing them with slip dresses, maxi skirts, or wide-leg trousers. They can’t exactly replace formal shoes, but they can give an elevated look and a casual twist with the right outfit.

3. Posture Support

These days, most of us are no strangers to back pain and poor posture. Many of us sit at a desk all day, and when we get up to walk around, we don’t notice the misalignments that begin in the feet and make their way up the spine.

Believe it or not, Birkenstock slippers can support better posture thanks to their patented design. The contoured footbed provides excellent arch support and encourages even weight distribution across the feet. The deep heel cup helps prevent the inward rolling of the feet (called pronation), stabilizing the ankle and providing a better foundation for the knees and hips. 

When your lower half is in proper alignment, keeping the spine in the appropriate position is much easier. Your tailbone should be tucked slightly forward, and your spine should be kept as vertical as possible to prevent excess stress on any individual ligaments or joints.

4. Easy Wearing and Maintenance

How many pairs of shoes do you tend to neglect because they’re too hard to put on and take off? Birkenstocks are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor wear because they require minimal effort to put on and take off. 

Birkenstock slippers are also easy to maintain. They stand up well to water and, with regular spot-cleaning, can keep you looking fresh and new.

The occasional deep clean can prevent staining so that even your light-colored Birkenstocks don’t look drab. Household items (like toothpaste for leather and vinegar for suede) will be handy.

5. Durability

In recent decades, the fast fashion industry has significantly impacted the health of our planet. This industry is responsible for more CO2 emissions than aviation and shipping combined. 

One of the easiest ways to move away from fast fashion trends is to invest in wardrobe staples that will last more than a few wears. With proper care, Birkenstocks can last for years before you need to replace them.

Birkenstock durability comes down to two key components: quality materials and intelligent design. Materials like leather, suede, and cork won’t tear or break easily. Because Birkenstocks form to your feet, they don’t get worn down by excess friction or weight resistance. 

6. Quality Materials

The quality materials used to make Birkenstock slippers deserve their shoutout. As we mentioned, most Birkenstocks have a cork sole with either suede or leather straps or uppers. They’ve recently added shoes to their line that use materials like Birko-Flor, a synthetic leather alternative.

While Birkenstock doesn’t tout itself as an eco-friendly shoe, many materials are inherently sustainable. For example, cork (used in the signature Birkenstock sole) is one of the most renewable materials in apparel. A cork tree can be harvested hundreds of times without dying, and cork is biodegradable. 

These materials offer more than longevity. They also allow the feet to breathe. Unlike some popular sandals and slides, they won’t trap sweat or reduce circulation, which means they won’t cause smelly or swollen feet. 

7. Podiatrist-Approved

No one should grin and bear foot pain. For some people, however, foot pain is a severe problem that requires intelligent solutions, including a commitment to proper footwear. 

Podiatrists will be the first to tell you that sandals often lack proper support. Plastic slides and flimsy flip-flops tend to do more harm than good, meaning you’re almost better off walking around barefoot. If you love sandals and slip-on shoes but need that extra support for health reasons, podiatrists tend to approve of Birkenstocks.

Keep in mind that a great pair of shoes isn’t going to reverse serious issues. However, they may reduce foot pain and, when worn early and often, prevent foot pain and other problems. 

8. Practicality 

One of the greatest pursuits in shoe buying is finding a shoe that looks great with your outfit but can withstand some serious mileage. While you may not want to go hiking in your Birkenstock slippers, they’re a great shoe for long days out in town. 

A significant reason for this is the design of the toe box. Unlike many other sandals and slip-on shoes, Birkenstocks have a wide toe box that allows the toes to spread naturally without squeezing them. The sole of the toe box also sports a raised toe bar, allowing the foot’s natural shape to keep the shoe in place when you walk.

The cork sole also acts as an excellent shock absorber. Cork is dense but spongey, taking on some of the pressure of hard, uneven terrain so it doesn’t reach your joints. Whether walking a few miles through the city or staying on your feet for an event, Birkenstock slippers are a great choice.

9. Timeless Designs

The Birkenstock collection is renowned for its timeless designs. Timelessness is key when you’re investing in a shoe you intend to wear for years.

If you’re looking for a classic design that evokes nostalgia, you’ll want the two-strap Arizona design. Like most Birkenstocks, you can purchase Arizona sandals in a variety of materials and shades to suit your unique style.  

Birkenstock has expanded its repertoire in the past few years, and there is something for everyone. From the feminine Glenda design to the sleek Madrid design, each pair exudes minimalism and quality. 

10. Wardrobe Elevation 

Birkenstocks are one of the most understated statement pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Once upon a time, we associated these sandals and clogs with hippies and outdoorsy types. You’ll find them in celebrities, influencers, and everyday fashion lovers.

Because they’re such a beloved and recognizable brand, they add a touch of sophistication to any sporty, casual, or laid-back look. Since they’re built to last, they won’t start looking drab immediately. They’re a great alternative to athletic-looking walking shoes, giving you more outfit options for active days.

When you wear Birkenstocks, you don’t wear a passing trend. You choose a tremendous aesthetic combined with comfort, practicality, and durability.

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