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17 Cute Outfit Ideas for Ultra Mini UGGs

2022 was the year of the UGG. After years of obscurity and collecting dust in the back of your closet, your favorite comfy footwear is back in style. The UGG revival continues into 2023 and is expected to remain stylish into the new year.

One of the newest models to come from UGG is the ultra mini and ultra mini platform. These short-shafted boots are like a cross between a house slipper and the brand’s original short UGGs.

If you’ve recently purchased these trendy shoes, you may wonder how to style ultra mini UGGs. You aren’t alone, so we created this ultimate styling guide. Read on for the outfit inspiration you’ve been searching for.

1. With a Cozy Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are always in style for Fall and Winter. Give your classic knit dress a stylish update by adding your ultra mini UGGs.

Your ultra minis will pair best with a longer sweater dress that is either maxi-length or a long-line midi. Shorter sweater dresses can work, too, especially if they have fuller skirts. Just add a pair of calf-length socks to stay warm.

Dress down your outfit by adding a denim jacket or an oversized blanket scarf. Or you can elevate the look for eveningwear with a coordinating floor-sweeping coat or leather blazer, gold hoop earrings, and a dainty clutch.

2. With Jeans and a Cropped Jacket

With their casual and laid-back vibes, ultra mini UGGs pair perfectly with denim. Go for a slightly cropped, wide-legged style to show off your shoes.

Match your wider bottoms with a skinnier top half to show your shape. You can choose a fitted cropped cami or mock neck depending on the weather. Finish off the look with a slightly cropped jacket that matches your UGGs.

Add a canvas tote bag and a pair of oversized glasses or shades to polish off this ensemble, and you are ready to wow at the coffee shop, grocery store, or on a lunch date with friends.

3. With a Denim Maxi and a Cardigan

Denim maxis were one of the biggest trends of the summer. Paired with your ultra mini UGGs, this is a fashion-forward match made in heaven.

And don’t think denim maxi skirts only belong in your warm-weather wardrobe. You can bring this closet staple into the cooler seasons with a few intelligent tweaks.

First, layer on a pair of thermal leggings and warm socks. Add a long-sleeved thermal shirt and finish the look with a thick knit cardigan. Accessorize with a beanie, scarf, and gloves for chillier days.

4. With a Set and a Vest

There is no easier way to style your ultra mini UGGs than this. A matching set takes the brainwork out of dressing, offering a perfectly put-together look every time.

Go for a super-casual jogger set for dog walks and outdoor adventures. Add a puffer vest for some warmth and an added dose of style. Complete the look with sunglasses and a hands-free backpack.

You can also make your look more put-together with a matching knit set. Try a vest-style trench to elevate the look even further—and bonus points if your pants are wide enough to make people wonder if you’re wearing UGGs.

5. With a Matching Sherpa-Lined Jacket

Another foolproof way to style your Sherpa-lined UGGs is with a matching jacket. Go for an option in the same shade as your footwear to make the choice look intentional.

The great thing about Sherpa is that it goes with everything. You can style it with something as simple as a white t-shirt and light-wash denim or step it up with a bodycon dress and structured bag.

And Sherpa is not just lovely to look at. It also serves a functional purpose, keeping you warm in even the coldest climates.

6. With Jeans and a Trench

Here’s another jeans outfit to throw on with your ultra mini UGGs. The trench elevates the look and will go perfectly with your natural-colored shoes.

We recommend passing over the wide legs this time for a straighter silhouette. If you still have a pair of skinny jeans collecting dust in your closet, this is a great time to pull them out.

Wear a comfy sweater or thermal t-shirt on top for a stress-free outfit to go grocery shopping. Or add a little prep to your step with a turtleneck and plaid-printed wool scarf.

7. With Athleisure and a Puffer

Athleisure is still going strong this year and will continue to be fashionable into the New Year. The latest twist on athleisure style is adding a pair of ultra mini UGGs to complete the look.

Take inspiration from celebrities like Jasmine Tooks and pair your mini UGGs with a neutral cream workout set. Add a puffer on top to mimic the sporty vibes of your base layer.

This is an excellent look for heading to and from the gym. But it can also work for casual outings with a few accessories, such as a dainty gold chain necklace, huggie-style earrings, and a leather tote bag.

8. With a Crew Neck and Leggings

An oversized sweater and black leggings are the OG outfit worn with UGG styles. While still a great look, it can date you. Update this classic style with a plain or graphic crew neck and your trendy ultra mini UGGs.

Get inspired by collegiate fashion with a university-style pullover. Add fitted black leggings and a beanie for an outfit that would fit in on the most stylish campuses.

For cooler days, you can add a blazer for smart casual occasions. Or nix the collegiate-inspired sweatshirt for something more minimalistic and the fitted leggings for flared ones to make this outfit work-appropriate.

9. With a Slip Dress and a Leather Jacket

Who says UGGs can’t be worn in the evening? They may epitomize laid-back dressing, but ultra mini UGGs can also be transformed into a comfortable footwear choice for a night out.

Think how cute your mini UGGs would look with a silky satin slip dress. Go for a longer silhouette to avoid chopping up your legs and making yourself look shorter.

Mimic the natural fibers of your shoes with a soft leather jacket in a coordinating hue. Add a satin clutch and a statement necklace to draw attention away from your not wearing heels.

10. With a Matching Wool Coat

Choosing a harmonizing color palette is one of the best ways to ensure your ultra minis never look out of place. A wool coat in a shade that matches your shoes is a great place to start.

This combo gives you plenty of room to play with your base layer. Try a matching jogger set, jeans, a graphic t-shirt, or a ladylike blouse in a neutral floral print.

With the wool coat’s more buttoned-up vibe, you may want to consider keeping your base layer more casual. That way, your shoes will look like a purposeful choice rather than an unintentional afterthought.

11. With Jeans and a Blazer

If you haven’t tired of styling jeans with your ultra mini UGGs yet, here’s another idea to add to your arsenal. Make your shoes more appropriate for the office or meetings with a professional-looking blazer.

Instead of choosing traditional denim, we recommend a cream or white pair. Choose a blazer in grey or brown to tone in with the neutral colors of your pants and shoes.

A button-down shirt in a silky fabric adds unexpected texture and a dash of luxury. But a classic cotton button-down or upscale tee will also complete this laid-back workwear outfit.

12. With a Fancy Dress

This unconventional pairing may not be for everyone. But if you love to come up with funky, one-of-a-kind outfits, this one is for you.

A fancier dress can go with uber-casual UGGs with a few considerations. For one, make sure you choose colors that go together. You may venture into tacky territory without a color palette that ties things together.

Even a bold patterned dress could work with the right shade of UGGs. You could pair a loud houndstooth dress with matching black ultra minis or a Barbie-core gingham gown with pink UGGs.

13. With Cargos and a Hoodie

With recent trends, you will have a pair of cargo pants in your closet. You may typically pair them with sneakers or boots, but your ultra mini UGGs are an unexpected choice you- and your feet- will love.

Plus, all cargos look great with UGGs, whether your favorite pair is elasticated at the ankles or straight in silhouette. The chunky soles of your ultra minis mimic the bulky pockets on your pants.

Complete this casual ensemble with an equally relaxed hoodie. Oversized styles offer a streetwear vibe, but you can also go for a cropped version to highlight your curves.

14. With Wide-Legged Trousers

Many people would say that UGGs don’t belong in the workplace. But they do, especially when paired with a wide-legged trouser suit.

The wide legs can help camouflage much of the shoe. That way, you will look like you are wearing suede loafers, and no one will be the wiser that you are wearing a far more comfortable pair of shoes.

Next, add a blazer that matches your trousers. Choose a more fitted one to contrast the flare of your pants, or continue the relaxed vibe with an oversized option. Finish the look with an elevated tee, and you’re ready for work!

15. With a French Girl-Inspired Fit

The French girl is the ultimate style aspiration. Get her look with an outfit inspired by laid-back French dressing, and make it yours with your favorite pair of UGGs.

Get started with a pair of your best jeans. French girls love a pair of no-stretch vintage denim, but you can also go for a comfier pair. Complete your base layer with a black and white horizontal-striped shirt or roll neck.

Tie a cable knit sweater over your shoulders for a French and quiet luxury look. Then, add a soft leather tote bag and a matching leather or suede belt, and you’re ready for whatever the day brings.

16. With a Boiler Suit

Boiler suits are back in style. If you don’t have one already, you need this comfy staple to add to your wardrobe, if only to pair it with your ultra mini UGGs.

A boiler suit is an outfit in and of itself. But you can add some personal style to this clothing item with a few tweakers. For starters, you could tie a flannel shirt or add a belt around your waist.

Another fun way to wear your boiler suit and ultra minis is by taking off the top half. Wear a fitted top underneath and tie the boiler suit’s sleeves around your waist for an Instagram-worthy cool girl outfit.

17. With Loungewear

If your favorite way to wear your ultra mini UGGs is around the house, this outfit idea is for you.

With their houseshoe-like style, UGGs are ideally suited to laid-back Loungewear. Try a cozy cashmere set when you know company is coming. Or go for a chill pair of hot shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

You can even style your UGGs with your pajamas. Accessorize with a thin layer of natural makeup and your favorite housecoat for the most relaxed outfit you’ll wear all year.

This Is How to Style Ultra Mini UGGs

UGGs are having a comeback. You can update your favorite footwear with the new ultra mini style selling everywhere. And with the help of this guide on how to style ultra mini UGGs, you’ll have plenty of outfit ideas to try.

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